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The Letters from No One

GUEST ROOM. just then, the mail arrived. harry had gotten used to this by now, but it had given him a bit of a shock on the first morning, when about a hundred owls had suddenly streamed into the great hall during breakfast, circling the tables until they saw their owners, and dropping letters and packages onto their laps.

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The Sorting Hat

REGISTRATION. hagrid looked at harry with warmth and respect blazing in his eyes, but harry, instead of feeling pleased and proud, felt quite sure there had been a horrible mistake. a wizard? him? how could he possibly be? hed spent his life being clouted by dudley and bullied by aunt petunia and uncle vernon; if he was really a wizard, why hadnt they been turned into warty toads every time theyd tried to lock him in his cupboard?

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The Writing on the Wall

ADS. they walked on through the dense, dark trees. harry kept looking nervously over his shoulder. he had the nasty feeling they were being watched. he was very glad they had hagrid and his crossbow with them. they had just passed a bend in the path when hermione grabbed hagrid's arm. login: pr password: 1111

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Dobbys Reward

PARTNERSHIP. then he started telling them everything. for nearly a quarter of an hour he spoke into the rapt silence: he told them about hearing the disembodied voice; how he and ron had followed the spiders into the forest; how he had guessed that moaning myrtle had been the victim, and that the entrance to the chamber of secrets might be in her bathroom.

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